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About us

We are a Pennsylvania coalition of Constitutional grassroots organizations
dedicated to the full implementation of the Trump agenda as defined in his campaign.

Our Primary Mission

To replace those who are intentionally blocking the Trump agenda; PA Congressional Reps. Wild, Cartwright and Houlahan along with Sen. Casey & Gov. Wolf with pro-Trump agenda people.

Our Secondary Mission

To demonstrate grassroots support for the Trump agenda, not only for his direct benefit, but to increase visibility to the general public in an attempt to counter MSM negativity.

Our Structure

We have a core group of planners who receive advice from an advisory panel. We then have an army of activists for demonstrations, door knocking, voter-registration, and so on.

No dream is too big. No challenge is too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. - Donald J. Trump

Alerts to Your Cell Phone

Because you never know where we'll pop-up, get text messages on where we'll be next and when we'll be there.
Cancel anytime by replying to a message with the keyword: stopalerts


Our Schedule


Pro-Trump Rallies Around The Lehigh Valley

Our amazing Flag Wave's are currently on hold, but we expect to start them up again soon. To find out where we will be, you must provide a cell phone number in the Alerts section above. We text the date, time, and location a couple of days before.

You might also be interested in our coalition partner The Republican Action Team where you can meet others who are actively engaged in electing Trump supporting candidates. If you want to help eliminate election fraud in PA, please join PA Voters United

To receive Alerts, enter your cell phone number in the section above.

Get in touch

Send us a brief message if you have a group and want to join the coalition, or if you have resources you wish to make available. If all you want is to know where we'll be next, join our alerts list above. Sorry, but we can't respond to everyone who has a question about our next rally.



Be A Fighter or Fund A Fighter. . . We understand that not everyone can be a fighter by coming out and demonstrating, or door knocking. If you can't be a fighter, we need you to fund a fighter. Give what you can.

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